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  • Looking for a unique, memorable soundtrack for your game/film/project?
  • Have music, but need it professionally mixed and mastered?
  • Do you need click/guide/accompaniment tracks for a live performance or recording session?
If you have any of the above needs, or would like to discuss something different or more in-detail of what I can help with, please contact me!

License My Music

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In love with a theme of mine you've heard? Looking for a cheaper way to use great music for your project? A lot of my music is available for non-exclusive licensing to use in your games/short-films/projects. For specifics of price and usage rights, send an email my way (info [at symbol here] cadenlwelborn.com) or use the form on my contact page found here.

Purchase My Music

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Enjoy listening to the music online and want to support me? You can find most releases available for purchase on my Bandcamp, with Retr0grade available on CDBaby and most online stores. Older albums are unfortunately not available for purchase.