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If Christmas was a movie, then Christmas Cheer would be the soundtrack. Eight Christmas classics completely remade into a modern cinematic production that rivals the best movie soundtracks. Also included is an original song titled Cheer, the album's namesake and something the world can always use more of. This album is full of all the emotions that make Christmas special to each of us; hope, love and fond memories of the season.


Tracklist: Deck the Halls, I Saw Three Ships, The Holly and the Ivy, Good King Wenceslas, Coventry Carol, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Silent Night, Cheer, Shchedryk.


One-shot Tracks


"Avadon" - Synthpop, Inspired by the likes of Madeon, the eighties, and a couple great game soundtracks out there.


"Freeway" - Chill Jazz, inspired by Yoko Kanno and The Seatbelts' work on the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack.


"Reflections of the Soul - Dusk" - Melancholy ambient piano.


"Rise of the People" - Ethnic cinematic rework--originally an ambient piece written by Bryan Welborn.


"Family" - Emotional piano with intimate solo strings.


"18.4E18 Worlds" - Hybrid cinematic ambient piece.



Electronic album released 2012.


Tracklist: Retr0grade, All Around Us, Arrival, Cynthia, Level 1, Superloop, Opalescence, Too Many Battleships.

Christmas Rain: Holiday 2008 Album

Force of Nature:

Electronic Album released 2008

Timeless: Piano Album released 2007

Equinox: Sampler album released 2007


Written by and co-composed with William Gragg. Mixed and mastered by Chad Courville. Performed by Calvary V2 Band (www.calvaryontheweb.com). This album was released in 2015.


My role in this was consultation, composition and arrangement, performing piano and various percussion, and orchestration for brass. Additionally, "Story of Love" was orchestrated, arranged, and extended for full orchestra accompaniment alongside the band.


Click here to listen/get the album.


Tracklist: Intro, Come to Me, Oh God You Are Holy, Story of Love, Old Old Story, Song of the Redeemed, ...interlude..., Unconditional, Song Inside My Heart.

The Song Inside My Heart

Various Project Musics

Spillville OST

The soundtrack to the Xbox 360 game Spillville, which was an entry in the Microsoft sponsored 2012 US Imagine Cup. It won 4th place nationally in the Xbox/PC game design category.


Tracklist: Main Menu, Gameplay 1, Gameplay 2, and Gameplay 3, as well as an additional ambience track.


Star Citizen: An Unofficial Soundtrack.

Released 2013+2014.


In short, this is a fan-made soundtrack for the game. After finding and heading up a small group of world-spanning composers, then directing, debating, and consolidating ideas, we released 28 tracks full of "darkness, frantic beats, joyous melodies, and enemy factions." Click the thumbnail in this paragraph for more info, and to hear/download the music.

PonyTime Advance:

Dance EP released 2014


Tracklist: Sweetie Bot Breakdown - Electro House track, "Yay! (PonyTime Rework)" - Originally written by Nicolas Dominique, "Freedom of Pony" - Electro House track, "Breakthrough" - Dance track.

Unofficial Opening & Main Theme for No Man's Sky.


Inspired as I was by the E3 reveal of the game, I decided to write music as if I were the actual composer, based off of the beautiful screenshots and masterful concept art of the game. I'm quite pleased with the lush hybrid orchestral end result.

Booker DeWitt - Tribute to Bioshock Infinite


A small and intimate fan piece in the style of Bioshock's official soundtrack. Seeing as how the main character didn't have a theme, I made one that I felt was a appropriate: haunting, steeped in sadness, looking for redemption, and featuring two very close cellos.

PonyTime Initate:

Electronic EP released 2013


Tracklist: The Terrible Two (PonyTime Remix) - Originally written by Seventh Element, Equine Nocturne - Piano Concerto-type orchestral track, Not Enough Pony - Dance track, Remember Me - Dance Track.

Baldur's Gate


Main Theme


I've always loved the Baldur's Gate games, especially the music in them. Ever since I found the demo for the original Baldur's Gate on a PC Gamer disc many years ago, I played it over and over again. When I started creating orchestral and thematic music I wanted to recreate what it would sound like using today's instruments, sound design, and sound quality.

If you'd like to stay up to date with all my latest fan work, be sure to follow my SoundCloud here, and my YouTube channel here. You can find my PonyTime channel here.


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"Cross Point" - Piano and Strings, made for a promotional video.


"Black & White & Deadly" - Film Noir demo.


"The Prophet" and "The Solstice Gates"- Original D&D Campaign music, as well as additional battle music, "Experiment Room" music, drone, and ambience.


"Apotheosis" - Epic orchestral theme, originally crafted for an 8Dio Stand Out contest.


"Terraforming" - Hybrid cinematic Bleeding Fingers contest entry.


"The Black Dance" - Originally written for a short film.


"Angels We Have Heard on High" - Live arrangement for band. Co-composed with William Gragg.


"Missed Call" - Plucky orchestral track made for a short film.


"Changed for Life Main Theme" - Created for the Calvary Baptist Church TV broadcast.

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