Star Citizen: An Unofficial Soundtrack

The origin of this project and main info hub can be found on the official Star Citizen forums. What follows is edited text from the forums, posts of mine, and additional info relating to the project.


This project is something that I decided to start back in 2013 when I first backed Star Citizen. I saw the awesomeness that was in the potential a game like Star Citizen could possess and was reminded of my days playing games like X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter and Eve online. Needless to say, I was excited.

So, what I decided to do was use my God given talents for the purpose of making a Star Citizen Opening & Main Theme piece. While I was doing so, an idea occurred to me that I had never made a soundtrack for a game as large as this would be before. Thinking on it further, I saw the prospect as both a challenge of my talents and experience and a possibly incredibly rewarding venture, such as the legion of fans have proven.

5 tracks for an album was too small. So I looked around and gathered together a group of 4 incredibly talented composers who used their tools and talents to help create the music of this soundtrack. Action pieces. Ambient pieces. Thematic climaxes. End credits. All of us came together to create a singular style and feel for these tracks that we recognize as Star Citizen and hope you do too.



It is with much deliberation, sweat, tears, press, creative drudgery, and now excitement that I present to you, Star Citizen: An Unofficial Soundtrack. 25 tracks of darkness, frantic beats, joyous melodies, and enemy factions, you can find it below in the download.

There are two different download packs available: Mp3 and FLAC zip files.

Download the high-quality FLACs here: Click me!

Or you can settle for the lesser quality MP3s here: Click me!


Dogfighting Bundle downloads:

Download the high-quality FLACs here: Click me!

Or you can settle for the worse quality MP3s here: Click me!


Hangar Bundle downloads:

You can download the high-quality FLACs here: Click Me!

Or you can settle for the normal mp3s here: Click Me!

The full tracklist and lyrics are at the bottom of this page.


READ THIS for usage rights!


Want to use this music in your youtube video/mixtape/wedding/whatever?

The complete unofficial Star Citizen soundtrack is always free to use anywhere and anyway you like. All that’s asked is that you properly credit any artist whose work you use by way of displaying their name. Additionally, a link to their soundcloud/website is appreciated, but not mandatory.


Introducing the Composers:


Nick Fitzgerald:

“I’m Nick Fitzgerald, currently living in Los Angeles, and have been making music for 14* years. I have a B.S. in Music Technology, and got my start in the professional world as a sound designer for video games in 2007. Since, I’ve moved on to sound editing, music editing, and composing for multimedia. I’ve always had a passion for Sci-Fi and the creativity involved opens doors for composers to be as as imaginative as the material. Hopefully we can come up with something fulfilling to us all that achieves the vision that Star Citizen has.

Some of my work can be found here: “

Yuchen Tian (Known as Hius on the forums)

“My name is Yuchen Tian. I currently live in Richmond, Virginia. I have been playing guitar since 14, with genres ranging from indie rock to metal. I make electronic dance music such as trance and eurodance. I also from time to time write other kinds of music as you can hear on my SoundCloud page. I don’t have any formal musical education, but I have a great feeling for music, and that helps greatly on writing music.

I’ve always been a lover of space and space sims. Star Citizen is a long awaited dream. It is my pleasure to work on such projects with other talented people.

Most of my songs are located at I welcome any comments and criticism.”

Fernando Pepe

“My name is Fernando Pepe from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I’m 22* and I started to composing last year but I play guitar/piano since 12 years old.

I work with game development (indie game) on soundtracks, sound design, etc.. I took responsibility for it and I’m improving my knowledge since I really like the matter.

Find more about my work here:”

Nick D.

“So… I’m Nick (Lethe River is my solo-project’s name) and I live in Athens, Greece. I’m 25* and have been playing music since 9. Music technology interest has emerged from the need to express myself without the limitations of a band (instruments and people :). I also have been writing in various styles and orchestral/soundtrack writing is a relatively recent challenge.

My work :*”

Caden L Welborn (Project Lead)

I’m a twenty* year old musician, composer, and orchestrator. I’ve been playing the piano since I was two and creating music since I was four. Over the years I’ve made music of all different genres of music, from piano, electronic, orchestral, to everything in between. I’ve also released four albums of various genres over the years with my most recent one being the electronic album Retr0grade.

I created this group to do something that has never been done before. The creation of a professional quality unofficial/fan made soundtrack for a game that is still being worked on. I believe we soundly accomplished this goal.




The sections are Cinematic, Action, Ambient, then Bonus.

1. Star Citizen Opening & Main Theme – Caden L Welborn

2. Squadron 42 – Caden L Welborn

3. No Turning Back – Nicholas Fitzgerald

4. Delivering the Stars – Nicholas Fitzgerald

5. Eternal State – Fernando Pepe

6. Into the Void – Yuchen Tian

7. Cathcart – Nicholas Fitzgerald

8. Rogue Squadron – Fernando Pepe

9. To War – Caden L Welborn

10. No Escape – Nicholas Fitzgerald

11. Target Lock – Caden L Welborn

12. Decadent – Lethe River/Nick D.

13. Breaking the Void – Yuchen Tian

14. Sunk in the Void – Yuchen Tian

15. Hollow – Fernando Pepe

16. System 122a – Caden L Welborn

17. Dead Planet – Caden L Welborn

18. Blue Moon – Yuchen Tian

19. Humanity: End Credits/In-Game Club Music – Caden L Welborn (Link to Lyrics here)

20. For the Glory of Victors – Yuchen Tian

21. Moment of Grief – Yuchen Tian

22. StarDisc/In-Game Disco Music – Fernando Pepe

(Hangar Extension Bundle)

23. Old Glory – Caden L Welborn

24. New Ship Smell – Caden L Welborn

25. Read the Manual – Caden L Welborn

(Dogfighting Extension Bundle)

26. Welcome to Arena Commander – Caden L Welborn

27. A Just Cause – Caden L Welborn

28. Achievement Unlocked – Fernando Pepe


* = At the time of the original posting.